Written by Cato Jun

Edited by Rodlyn Mae-Banting

it’s that time of year again!


instead of a meadow – 

green grass anew

with fresh hint of dew –

will actually be:




these spunky greens

are the children:

sprinting through the grass,

frolicking in the field,

rolling down the hills.

in that lovely field

will also be some flowers:

marigolds –

orange as carrots,

hyacinth –

purple as cabbages,

tulips –

red as bell peppers.

these colorful flowers

are the couples:

blooming in love and happiness,

flourishing in maturity and affection,

rolling in laughter and delight.

but far in the field,

beyond the hills,

is where the gardener will be.

the gardener nurtures the children,

freshening them up with sprinkles

of pure spring water.

the gardener also cares for the couples,

harvesting them within the soil

as deep and rich as their love.

the gardener will now roll them all up

in a nice warm blanket –

a rice paper wrapper –

and enjoy as the spring rolls on by!

Illustration by Peri Law
Instagram: @perijlaw

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