Written by Taylor Calonzo

Edited by Cato

it’s raining outside and the sweet yet persistent licking of wind

against the ice-dressed window nudges me awake. 

you’re bent over me, an angelic vision haloed by pale overcast

leaking through gaps in the gray fog, stroking my head 

and whispering good morning. would you like some tea? 

yes, if you could. 

you answer with a modest smile and bounce over to the kitchen,

cotton maxi skirt swaying like a boat rocked by the water –

swish, swish, as your hips move back and forth 

to the cacophony of dishes leaping out of their cupboards and into your arms. 

a mug is deemed a worthy vessel for the cold’s antidote 

and a pitcher feeds deep brown gold into its open mouth. 

two teaspoons of sugar and it’s alright now. 

a splash of milk and i wish it felt like this all the time. 

like my body isn’t an ailment but a heaven-sent blessing and

i’m just as achingly alive as the trees outside the window. 

a swirling vortex of delicious warmth – 

to love and be loved is a miracle. 

i was looking for god everyday until i met you 

and now she makes me tea. 

you wrap my cold hands around the steaming cup and 

tuck the blanket under my chin to where my heart crept up. 

i don’t know how to tell you you’re god to me 

so i say thank you. 

thank you for the tea and thank you for giving me a reason to live.

thank you for loving me when i can’t bear to do it myself. 

thanks to you, december’s not so lonely anymore.

Illustration by Vivi Hashiguchi
Instagram: @vivihashiguchi

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