Written by Taylor Calonzo

Edited by Cato

running water is bliss / our slice of heaven streams from the faucet / not too warm as it flows between your shoulder blades / crystal clear summer distilled / my hands gliding through silky brown hair / like a slide in a park / when all that mattered was / how long before your next visit / and in a second we’re children again / and time is on our side again / slipping and sliding / all the while the moon weeps of loneliness / and flowers blossom from your spinal cord / it’s summer / we’re howling / each vertebra an organism / beautiful because it’s alive / beautiful because you’re alive / the cold guillotine of the early months has lost its bitter edge / and in its place, verdant green life / shiny and unyielding / the pale monster no longer haunts / every crack in your lingering smile / grab it by its feet and turn it upside down / shake until gold coins fall from its hollow plastic head / and the sun rises / from your mouth open in laughter / feel the weight of your beloved on your breast / and it’s summer / and we’re howling.

Illustration by Andy Pham
Instagram: @beingofmatter_art

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