Written by Scarlett

Edited by Emerald Liu

I referenced today’s horoscope in the newspaper

And it predicted that it is an auspicious day

I’ve decided

It is a good day to tell you I love you

I’m afraid if you catch me staring

You’ll say something I don’t want to hear

I close my eyes instead

Rest my head on your shoulder

And listen to you play your guitar

I’ll call you at 4 am

you’ll tell me to go back to bed

And i’ll tell you about my plan to live in the forest

To escape pop music and capitalism

Just me and my big wooden house

I’ll ask you to come with me

But will receive no answer

I think

You’ve fallen asleep

The night after

You awake me with a call

Telling me it’s my fault

You can’t sleep without my voice

You say the wooden house in the forest is no good

Too lonely and too dark

So quiet we might even hear God

Even with you and me and Sufjan Stevens echoing in every room

You tell me it’s not the right time

After all Mercury is in retrograde

Marry me when we’re 60 I’ll say

And I hear your smile when you agree

Illustration by Angie Orbeta
Instagram: @qngelie

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