Written by Cato

Edited by Rodlyn Mae-Banting

we are the lucky ones

who got to experience life

for life itself.

we were born 

in the beginning of an era

where phones were a privilege

and were gifted to us

well into elementary school,

where we spent rainy days

outside in our brightly colored rainboots

to protect us while we jumped into puddles,

where our memories were created

by chasing after ice cream trucks

and swinging so high you almost fell.

but we became witnesses

as times grew darker 

where technology strung our heads down

as limp puppets on strings,

where the ticking minutes and hours

were spent ticking away answers in workbooks,

where our childhood slowly bled like ink

until we were teenagers soaked in black and blue.

and yet we made the most of it.

we drove around with our windows down

and blasted Taylor Swift’s new versions of old albums.

we went to parties that drank and smoked

but we also went to ones where

we did pillow fights and movie nights.

we got tattoos we might regret

and kissed lovers we want to forget

and on and on we made the most of it.

we truly are the lucky ones.

and now it’s time to say goodbye xoxo

Illustration by Angie Orbeta
Instagram: @qngelie

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