Written by Scarlett

Edited by Emerald Liu

You coaxed into my bones 

That forever would never have been enough anyway

But it could never have prepared me 

For the parting 

You hate nothing more than the future 

What a twosome we make 

You anchored to the ground with eyes wide open

And I wandering blindly 

You asked me what loving you felt like 

I said like reaching into my ribcage 

and handing you my heart 

And you smiled 

When it was all over 

I wanted it back 

And when you opened your hands 

They looked like butterfly wings 

The pulsing organ soaking them through with blood 

You, too afraid of permanence 

Even in the end 

Fragility in your trembling fingers 

Too timid to begin 

In anticipation of the end 

When you turn to leave 

Don’t look back 

If I see that look in your eyes 

before I make it out 

I’ll go back on my promise 

And I’ll be yours again

Illustration by Vivi Hashiguchi
Instagram: @vivihashiguchi

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