Asian Artist Marketplace and Directory

Here you can find Asian artists to follow and buy works from! Each artist has their own bio with a bit about themselves and their work. Check them out and support Asians in the arts!

Artist Accounts

A gallery with art by Asian artists and links to the Instagrams and/or personal websites.

Ajunie Virk – Artist/Animator



Ajunie Virk is a freelance artist that animates in 2d collage and 3d!

Artist Shops

A gallery and marketplace for Asian artists with shops selling prints, stickers, etc.

Vicky Lu


Instagram / Store

My character Quiet Bear may not talk much but he is still very silly and fun. Through my artworks, I try to showcase a variety of topics such as Asian culture and food, social anxiety, and mental health. I hope that people can relate to my drawings, but most importantly I hope that it can put a smile on their faces.

Rigel Bergonio / Rigel’s Design

Artwork and Custom Digital Portraits

Instagram / Etsy / Redbubble

Hi there! I’m Rigel, the artist/creator behind Rigel’s Design! All my designs are handmade and original. I have an eclectic collection of designs where I take inspiration from life, things that bring me joy, and what I’m passionate about. Some of my designs are in my Redbubble Shop, but I do want to eventually sell stickers and prints in my Etsy Shop. Currently at my Etsy Shop I create CUSTOM DIGITAL PORTRAITS to capture your cherished memories! I hope that my designs bring you happiness and leave you with something that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Cindy Hsieh


Instagram / Etsy

Cindy Hsieh is a proponent for minorities in STEM. However, she has a true passion and love for the arts which continues to shine through her artwork and writing. Her pieces are inspired by her intersectionality of being Asian American. She hopes to further share her experiences and connect with more hearts through her art.

Dogz Squad

Artist (Stickers, enamel pins, keychains)

Instagram / Etsy

Vancouver based artist that creates works that combine dogs and Asian snacks. 


Stickers and more art!

Instagram / Etsy

I started my small business because I wanted to be able to turn my hobby into my job. I love making art and being able to make money off it this way makes me really happy. Also, my mom is a single mother so I wanted to help her financially in the best way I can (also to prove to her that artists CAN have jobs).” 

Dalcom Stickers Co.

Sticker Shop

Instagram / Etsy

A not-for-profit, cute sticker shop with all proceeds donated to orgs fighting racism & aiding the Yemen humanitarian crisis.

Lunar Raven Co.

A small sticker and print shop

Instagram / Shop

A sticker and print shop specializing in pop culture that features unique designs by digital artist Ren of heyitsrrrenn.

Catherine Liu / Mei Pocket Shop

Artist and small product shop (stickers, etc.)

Art / Shop

Small art products shop featuring various designs by Artist Catherine Liu.

Matcha Mango Co.

Artist and shop for Asian pop culture items (ex keychains, etc)

Instagram / Shop

Florida based shop featuring Asian pop culture themed items by Artist Mica.

Other Shops

A directory with links to shop other types of work by Asian artists (ex. clothing, jewelry, etc.)

Vivid Embroidery

Embroidered jewelry and accessories

Instagram / Shop

Hello and thanks for visiting Vivid Embroidery! I am an independent creator based in Seattle and I started Vivid Embroidery in July 2020 to share my passion for embroidering. We handcraft embroidered accessories like earrings and pendants, and hopefully will be expanding to more soon. Each piece is originally designed, hand-embroidered, and crafted with care for your delight. Our minimalistic yet colorful and expressive designs are sure to catch the eye and draw compliments from your friends and family. We sincerely hope you enjoy wearing our pieces as much as we do creating them.

Katelier Creations

Handmade accessories using upcycled materials

Instagram / Shop

Based in Vancouver, BC and run by Kat Su. Her goal is to give life to previously loved clothing and leftover fabric to reduce textile waste! She makes handmade, made-to-order scrunchies and face masks from upcycled materials. Orders are placed via Instagram or email.

Saya Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry from Los Angeles

Instagram / Shop

Filipina-owned small business. 

“I started my business to explore entrepreneurship while also making accessories that I really like to wear. Although it has just started, it’s been so fulfilling to share that passion as well as my culture with others. Also, I didn’t want to get a traditional job during quarantine because I believed that other people needed it more so this is a way of raising money for college as well as organizations I believe in!”

Drip by Mulan

Handmade Jewelry


Based in Murrieta, Drip By Mulan is a jewelry small business. All items are handcrafted by Artist Sam.

Vojo Silk


Instagram / Etsy / Website

Small business making mulberry silk scrunchies, based in Los Angeles. 

Crafts by NSB

Custom made crafts (coasters, frames, cups, keychains, trays, etc)


Custom made crafts featuring resin work (coasters, frames, keychains, etc.), glass frames, and more! All by Artist Nang.

Lilabelle Jewelry

Handmade jewelry


Handmade beaded jewelry by artists Isabelle and Lilia.


Clay creations by Gabby

Instagram / Etsy

Clay creations by Artist Gabby. Featuring jewelry, keychains, keycaps, and more!

Cells and Stars Jewelry



Love, Anne


Instagram / Shop

Love, Anne is a jewelry shop based in San Diego. Featuring unique items such as hand wired and beaded pieces based on contemporary art and other various designs.

Authentic Nailzz

Press On Nails


Custom press on nails by San Diego based artist Serenity. Featuring a plethora of designs including 3 dimensional and detailed paintings for each nail.

Crochets By Izzy

Unique Crocheted Items


Custom, made to order crocheted items by Artist Isabelle. Featuring bags, hats, and other fashion pieces.