Written by Alma Mark-Fong

Edited by Emerald Liu

I am given this body once only 

And this earth is given once only 

What a pity 

That man would lay claim to them 

God, how I wish the world was empty 

And I were free 

To climb trees and eat their ripened fruit 

Sticky, syrupy juice flowing down my chin 

How I wish we could live 

As God intended 

Slowly and sweetly 

Like trickling honey in Summer heat 

When I lie amongst grass and weeds 

The soil is clean and warm 

I feel the wetness of dew on the skin of my naked back And I want to breathe, breathe, breathe 

When I go to the lake to swim 

The water is gentle and cool 

I’ll dry off on the shore 

Sand sticking to my quickly drying body 

Droplets trickling down my brow 

And I think to myself 

That God made me beautifully and wonderfully For breathing and living and loving 

I want to live, live, live

Illustration by Angie Orbeta
Instagram: @qngelie

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